Dr Shaun Seaman Awarded Best Paper in Biometrics by an IBS Member

Congratulations to BSU's Dr Shaun Seaman for being awarded the Best Paper in Biometrics by an IBS Member. The award-winning article is: "Handling missing data in matched case-control studies using multiple imputation" (Biometrics vol 71: pages 1150-1159). It was selected by the committee of current and former Co-Editors of Biometrics as the winner for 2015.

Case-control study design is commonly used to investigate associations between disease risk and exposure to potential risk factors. Analysis of such studies is often inhibited by missing data. In this paper, various proposed methods for dealing with such missing data are reviewed, multiple imputation is advocated as a natural, straightforward and versatile alternative, and several principled multiple imputation methods are compared theoretically and in simulation studies. Both matched and unmatched case-control studies are discussed.

Dr Ruth Keogh from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, co-author on the paper, will present the paper and accept the prize on behalf of both authors at the International Biometric Conference in Victoria, Canada, in July.

This is a significant achievement for both Shaun and Ruth. Shaun says, "I am very pleased to have won this prize and thoroughly grateful to the committee for having chosen our paper."

To read the winning article, click here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/biom.12358/abstract