Finbarr Leacy receives Joint Awards to present at the Joint Statistical Meetings 2015

Congratulations Finbarr! Finbarr Leacy, PhD Student at MRC Biostatistics Unit, has been awarded a Student Travel Award from the Survey Research Methods Section of the American Statistical Association to support his attendance at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Seattle, USA in August 2015. As well as this, Finbarr has also received a Max Perutz Award to attend the same meeting. Finbarr will be giving a talk at the meeting on joint work with Ian White, entitled “Multiple imputation for data that are missing not at random: extending the fully conditional specification procedure” to an audience of fellow statisticians, researchers and potential future collaborators.

Finbarr said: "I am delighted to receive these awards supporting my attendance at JSM for the first time this year. Interest in accessible methods for handling data that violate the missing at random assumption continues to grow and I am excited to be sharing our research on this topic in Seattle."

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