Public Engagement

CSF 1Engaging with public audiences is an important part of the work the MRC Biostatistics Unit do and the Unit understands the importance of two-way communication with the public, both informing and listening.

The Unit have developed an exciting and interesting selection of activities designed to inform, inspire and stimulate non-technical audiences, including school students, about biostatistics research and why it is important.

We are regular exhibitors at the annual Cambridge Science Festival which is held in March each year and attracts more than 30,000 visitors.

IMG_4540In 2016 we are taking part in STEM Fair 2016, organised at Duxford Imperial War Museum on Wednesday 15th June 2016. Here we will hold two workshops with secondary school children with two activities based around assessing and sampling of data.

The Unit are also participating in an Open Day which will be part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research, taking place on Wednesday 22nd June 2016. This event will be be open to members of the public and school students to attend, giving an exciting insight into why statistics is important and how it helps us to understand what is going on in the world, with various hands-on activities and an opportunity to meet our biostatisticians. For more information on our Open Day, click here.

Ask a statistician

MRC Biostatistics Unit Open Day 2016 - Alison Quenault - 22.6.16 - 1Do you have a question for one of our scientists at the MRC Biostatistics Unit?

The question might be how did you become a statistician, or how does biostatistics research impact on public health.

Please send all your questions to Alison Quenault at:


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IMG_1003Communications Officer, Alison Quenault, co-ordinates all the Unit's public engagement and communications activities, and also co-ordinates all press enquiries.

If you have a question or enquiry relating to communications activities at BSU, please contact Alison at: or call 01223 768263