Daniela De Angelis

ESH: Evidence synthesis to inform health
Telephone number: 01223 330390
Email Address: daniela.deangelis@mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk
Other Research Theme Collaborations: SGX  COLD

BSU Research overview

To inform and evaluate public health policies in the area of infectious diseases, information is needed on the size of the affected population and the current levels of disease transmission, possibly in specific groups of the population, in different locations and perhaps in real time. This information is not readily available but could be acquired through the analysis of available data. These data are typically incomplete, are affected by biases and may arrive in real time, often challenging standard estimation approaches. The aim of our work is, therefore, to develop and apply statistical methods to characterise epidemics, fully and correctly exploiting the complex body of available information on different aspects of the disease of interest. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely quantitative support to the implementation and evaluation of policies, particularly in the areas of HIV, hepatitis and influenza.

Selected Papers