GeoBUGS has been developed by a team at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of Imperial College at St Mary's Hospital London. It is an add-on to WinBUGS that fits spatial models and produces a range of maps as output.

Latest version: An updated version of GeoBUGS1.2 is included with the WinBUGS1.4.1 package. It can be downloaded with its manual from the WinBUGS1.4 page.

Note (Error in GeoBUGS manual): The syntax given in the GeoBUGS manual for defining the scale of a map is wrong. In the manual we say that the syntax is:
xScale: 1000
yScale: 1000
whereas, in fact, it should be
Xscale: 1000
Yscale: 1000

Here is a (rather old) screendump of GeoBUGS in action, doing the 'classic' Scottish lip cancer.

A Pdf version of the GeoBUGS manual can be downloaded.

For queries about GeoBUGS, please contact Nicky Best at