European Advanced Summer School in Biostatistics

September 7th- 11th 2015

Organised by the MRC Biostatistics Unit in conjunction with

University of Oslo
University of Gent
 INSERM Bordeaux
Imperial College London
VU University Amsterdam

University of Copenhagen

Registration is NOW OPEN at

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Take-home naloxone (THN) & naloxone-on-release (NOR) reduce opioid-related deaths: from evidence of high risk soon after prison-release through science-led evaluations of THN/NOR to the monitoring of national naloxone policies.


Sheila M. Bird, MRC Biostatistics Unit, CAMBRIDGE CB2 0SR  “Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan”. On December 8th 2014, we marked success. In 15 prisons in England, we ceased to randomize eligible prisoners (those with a history of heroin injection) in the N-ALIVE pilot Trial and, as of 9th December, offer naloxone-on-release []

Learning causal relationships from data: DREAM or reality?


In this feature Steven Hill (an Investigator Statistician within Sach Mukherjee’s group at the MRC Biostatistics Unit) describes how important causal relationships are for science and his involvement in a recent, high-profile computational biology challenge known as “DREAM” that focused on causality. Determining cause and effect is one of the central goals of science: for []

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Could DotCity successfully be the first videogame to be built by using R?Some at @MRC_BSU may enjoy it. We shall see…

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