NEW Seminar Series : 'Statistics Meets the Public's Health'

We are delighted to announce a brand new seminar series called 'Statistics Meets the Public's Health' featuring talks by Professor Sylvia Richardson, Professor Sheila M. Bird and Professor Lorenz Wernisch from BSU, taking place at Emmanuel College. This is a series of non-technical talks aiming to illustrate how statistics helps to find answers to a range of public health related questions.

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The Certainties and The Consequences of Mathematical Models in Biomedicine


In a Perspective published in Science today (Friday 23rd October 2015), entitled “Systems biology (un)certainties”, Dr. Paul Kirk from MRC Biostatistics Unit, Dr. Ann Babtie, and Prof. Michael Stumpf, both from Imperial College, highlight  the opportunities provided by mathematical models in the biomedical sciences, but stress the importance of assessing uncertainty and avoiding over-interpretation. Mathematical []

DerSimonian and Laird’s Methodology Meets Network Meta-analysis: An Exciting Encounter

Dan Jackson diagram 3

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews are used in a wide range of application areas in order to summarise the evidence base for questions of scientific interest. In particular, they are extensively used in medicine. One of the most frequently used, although sometimes maligned, methods for performing meta-analyses is the method proposed by DerSimonian and Laird in []

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