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Founded in 1913, we are one of the largest groups of biostatisticians in Europe and a major centre for training and knowledge transfer.

We are part of the Cambridge Institute of Public Health.

Our researchers work across four major themes:

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DREAM shadows: chasing down disease networks


A community-based effort to assess the feasibility of using computational methods to piece together biological networks has shown that solutions to this puzzle may be coming into reach. The international study, presenting findings from a Heritage Provider Network (HPN)-supported DREAM challenge, is published in the journal Nature Methods. BSU's Dr Steven Hill is joint first []

The Certainties and The Consequences of Mathematical Models in Biomedicine


In a Perspective published in Science, entitled “Systems biology (un)certainties”, Dr. Paul Kirk from MRC Biostatistics Unit, Dr. Ann Babtie, and Prof. Michael Stumpf, both from Imperial College, highlight  the opportunities provided by mathematical models in the biomedical sciences, but stress the importance of assessing uncertainty and avoiding over-interpretation. Mathematical and statistical models have proven []

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