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MRC Biostatistics Unit

Photo of two people having supervision meeting

PhD studies within the multi-disciplinary MRC Biostatistics Unit include diverse training opportunities for all aspects of research and encourage the development of both academic and generic research skills.

Your primary supervisor will be responsible for your work, and for overseeing the general training elements of the PhD degree. In addition, you will have a second supervisor and/or a small advisory team. These individuals may be from a collaborating group or a group that does different research but is otherwise related to the group. They will advise you more generally about your PhD degree and be an independent point of contact in case of individual difficulties. You will be expected to meet with your supervisory team on at least every term.

The aim of the academic part of the programme is to:

  • gain experience in written and oral presentation of your work
  • monitor the quality of your research project
  • ensure that your PhD project is on track.

The presentations of your work also provide an opportunity to receive helpful feedback from members of the Unit and from scientists who are less closely involved with your research.