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MRC Biostatistics Unit

Two members of BSU sitting in front of computer discussing research

Our research themes range from basic science to population health.


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Open Science

Making our science open and accessible is a key element of the unit’s strategy. We support the FAIR principles: all our science should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reproducible. 

For example, this includes: 

  • releasing free, open-source software to implement statistical methods
  • releasing code to reproduce analyses in publications 
  • sharing research data in an open and responsible manner (e.g. storing personal data securely)

A GitHub page has been created as part of a broader strategic push to improve the open practices of the Unit. Many of the seminars that we have led on open science have been condensed and made publicly available on figshare. These contain introductions to key parts of the open science stack like DOI providers and code hosting platforms.